Our Story

We founded Central Creativity because we saw a huge gap growing in the education industry. Students were left behind due to lack of resources and flexibility, and educators were stretched thin with very little support. In 2017, Rhye and Jenny McLeod decided to change that by launching Central Creativity.

We have established long-running partnerships with private and public schools, colleges and universities, community groups, and government agencies across 37 states and 11 countries.

But along the way, our mission has stayed the same, which is to build a collaborative, global community of 21st-century thinkers.


Meet our Executive Team
Jen McLeod

Founder and Chief Operating Officer,
Jenny McLeod

Rhye McLeod

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer,
Rhye McLeod

Kasi Guillot
Chief Analytics Officer,
Kasi Guillot
VP of Operations,
Wayne Bryant
VP of Curriculum,
Kaci Robertson

Investing in Children and Communities

We’re on a mission to place meaningful and profoundly relevant 21st-century tools and training in the young hands of tomorrow’s future leaders. After all, their future is our greatest investment. Will you help us?


We have the best team around.

We are always looking for bright, energetic innovators to join us!

Our Core Objectives

  1. Increase the critical and creative thinking skills in all ages.
  2. Integrate the community with the classroom
  3. Connect educators with opportunities and resources.
  4. Improve educator skillsets through meaningful professional development.
  5. Grow a future-ready workforce.