The Central Creativity Foundation

We believe opportunity belongs to everyone.

Student Scholarships

Every year, we make sure that deserving students of all backgrounds are able participate in the amazing learning opportunities that Central Creativity offers. Scholarships are provided for Camps, Afterschool Classes, and School Partnerships. Awards are given for specific content areas such as STEM or robotics, financial need, or for academic achievements.

Educator Opportunities & Resources

We believe that investing in teachers significantly increases student achievement and opportunities for success in all areas. That’s why we provide funding for educators to participate in high quality and engaging professional development. We also make sure teachers have access to the resources they need to support interactive, hands-on classroom instruction.

Community Outreach

A vibrant community begins with incredible educational experiences. Every year, we participate in local outreach events throughout the communities we serve to provide unique, captivating learning opportunities to learners of all ages.

We Believe in the Potential of Every Student

  • Growing our ability to think critically and creatively raises both emotional and social intelligence, strengthens ties to our neighbors, and fosters a renaissance in understanding.
  • The benefits affect our entire community. From improved recruitment and retention of professional labor to stronger salaries and amplified economic growth, statistics prove that investing in our growth is one that pays dividends for decades to come.
  • Be a part of their journey and know that every dollar you invest brings opportunity and hope to the children of our community.

You Are the Game Changer


The Central Creativity Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your tax-deductible gift will have a lasting impact upon generations of learners. Be the spark that lights the fire of opportunity for all of our future leaders.

Donations can be made any time online using the donate button below. If you prefer to donate by check, checks can be mailed to: The Central Creativity Foundation, 442 North 6th Ave, Laurel, MS 39440

Their Future is Our
Best Investment

The Impact of Giving


can provide a student with the opportunity to explore and learn through an interactive field trip


can provide a child tuition for an afterschool STEM or robotics class for one month


can provide a curious learner with an exciting summer camp experience


provides funding for a child to experience the joy of learning through hands-on, interactive activities for an entire year