Inquiry-Based Learning

At Central Creativity, we believe students learn best when they have the freedom to try new things, make mistakes, and figure out solutions on their paths to discovery.

Meaningful Connections

Critical thinking, observation, experimentation, and strategic questions are at the heart of every subject. From preschool to graduate school, students must be able to make meaningful, real-world connections. We create opportunities for students to expand their creative possibilities, stay focused, and retain information through participating in meaningful multi-sensory experiences.

Better Together

“Because Central Creativity encourages critical and creative thinking through hands-on but fun and challenging activities, children ask more questions and look at concepts and problems from many different perspectives. In addition, teachers are provided guides which include techniques to spark interest in the subject matter, additional activities to accompany the main objective of the lesson, and past lesson enrichment and remedial suggestions.”

Dr. M. Ball, Central Creativity School Partnership Teacher

“We have really enjoyed having Central Creativity on our campus! Their teachers are always energetic and professional. The lessons that are taught encourage student engagement and interest. Our students always love Central Creativity days at our school!”

Robin R., 4th Grade Teacher

“I don’t even want to miss school when we have Central Creativity!”

Skylar N., student

“Central Creativity is my favorite class!”

Haven R., student

How We Teach

Our Emphasis on Critical and Creative Thinking Skills


Adding academic rigor and depth to curriculum is paramount for students who are working above grade-level. By implementing innovative instructional methods and options, we are able to meet the needs of students who require a challenge worthy of their abilities. We serve students who are currently enrolled in a gifted program, as well as those homeschool or private school students who do not have access to a gifted program.


Developing creative thinkers is one of the cornerstones of what we do. Creative thinking is NOT necessarily about being artistic. It is the ability to generate fresh ideas and initiate innovative solutions. It is about devising new answers to problems and meeting challenges with a different approach. As young children, all of us exhibit the traits of the highly creative. We role-play, use our imaginations, take risks, and aren’t afraid to make mistakes. As students grow older, they are typically placed in learning environments in which creative thinking is not nurtured. Our dedication to the process of creative thinking ensures that our students are capable of making those connections that separate the truly innovative from the ordinary.

Every Student
In Between

Learning to think is a skill that all students need in order to compete and be successful in a growing global world. Thinking critically and creatively is the cornerstone of understanding and making meaningful connections for lifelong learning.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Support for All Learners in All Settings. We support learners in all setting—both formal (public, private, and homeschool) and informal (museums, afterschool clubs, groups).
  • Flexible Options. We have tailor-made solutions to fit your needs.
  • Student Improvement. We focus on promoting critical and creative thinking skills, improving performance on standardized science assessments, and increasing comprehension of how STEM disciplines relate to real-world problems.
  • Outstanding Curriculum. Our carefully curated content provides instruction on major scientific focus areas, including academic vocabulary and key concepts. All content is grade-level appropriate and structured to support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Every Partnership is Unique

Whether you are seeking on-site instruction from our expert staff members, LIVE online classes, supplemental science support kits, or a combination, we can help.

On-Site Partnerships

  • We conduct in-person classes at your location.​
  • Please contact us for a consultation to discuss your needs.

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