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  • Everything’s Included. Our lab courses provide curriculum, assessment, and all lab activities in one complete package.
  • Easy and Affordable. Pre-packaged activities allow for easy implementation with no wasted materials, resulting in reduced material costs versus a traditional lab.
  • Improved Pass Rates. Students who participate in our labs achieve higher success rates when compared to students participating in a traditional lab experience.*
  • Standard-Driven Credits. Our courses meet NGSS and CCRS science standards for 21st-century learners. Our curriculum is transferrable to most universities when delivered by accredited institutions.**

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    *Based on a survey of completion rates at participating partner colleges.
    **In order to receive college credit, students must enroll at a participating university or college. Contact us for a list of partners in your area.


    “These kits have had a significant positive impact in student interest, involvement, and autonomy, with quantifiable improvements in comprehension of subject matter and performance on exams. I highly recommend these kits for students majoring in the sciences, as well as those taking biology as a prerequisite for admission to programs in Allied Health.”

    Brent Fodera, Biology Professor, Fletcher Technical Community College, Schriever, LA

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